Important Information on GE's Privacy Guidelines & Questionnaires

GE’s Candidate Data Privacy Guidelines
The Candidate Data herein is to be used for GE’s legitimate HR purposes.  Any other use is strictly forbidden and is in direct conflict with GE’s Candidate Data Protection Standards.

Click on the link below to view GE’s Candidate Data Privacy Guidelines:

Further information on GE’s Online Questionnaires:
The benefits of pre-screening questionnaires are that they assess candidates’ competencies and skills identified as most important for a given role.  Candidates’ responses are then compared to the essential competencies and/or skills which have been highlighted in a comprehensive job analysis and an overall score is calculated.  The outcome of the questionnaire is based on an automated process to maximize consistency and speed.

Only those candidates whose responses demonstrate that they meet the competencies and/or skills for the target production position for which they applied, will be invited to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.  Candidates not invited may reapply to other positions in GE through the GE Careers web site,  

Please refer to the Candidate Data Privacy Guidelines above if you have further questions or for information concerning the outcome of the questionnaire process.

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